When you are searching for a location and instructors to help you  – or your spouse, or someone else you care for - develop the skills of safety and personal self defense, you want to know that your instructors are fully dedicated to your mastery, confidence and understanding … even if you’ve never even seen a firearm before in real life.

You want assurance that the instruction you receive is exactly what you will need to have in a life or death situation.

You want to know, beyond any doubt, that you will be able to remember what you’re taught here; that your mind and body will respond quickly and competently and with  automatic regard for all the safeguards that will keep you and your family unharmed both in a criminal encounter and  in your daily practice.

You want to know that, when your class has concluded and you have earned your certificate, you will leave with a sense of personal pride and autonomy, no longer reduced to the hope that someone else will need to take care of you.

At Lawson Handgun Institute, we know what you want, and we’ve designed every program with your wants at its core.

Why Choose Us? 

Every part of your experience at Lawson Handgun Institute has been designed, from the ground up, with the comfort and ease of our students in mind. No other firearm facility in Illinois can match what we offer to every student, in every class:

  • We’re easy to get to. Located right in Chicago, with a huge free parking lot, easy highway access and public transport right to the door
  • We won’t leave any student behind.  Our strict, 6 student per teacher max means full attention given to the learning style of EVERY student
  • We have advanced firearm instructor credentials -but we think you deserve still more: Instructors at Lawson Handgun Institute also bring  decades of professional background in medical and cognitive learning fields –  specifically employed in a program we developed ourselves for lightning fast comprehension, retention and response in every student, no matter what, no matter when.
  • We’ve proven our dedication. You’ll meet a part of history here: All LHI staff have worked directly and personally for years to return and preserve your Second Amendment Rights, and the institute itself was founded by two plaintiffs in the case that brought an end to Chicago’s handgun ban
  • We feed your body as well as your mind. An all-day spread of food and drink at no extra charge lets you keep your focus strong and energy sharp
  • We teach you to handle “What if?” An NRA certified instructor is a great place to start your firearm safety training. But for LHI, we chose not to stop there. Defensive firearm is more than just handling a gun safely and accurately — it’s learning how to set a part of your mind aside in a moment of stress so that you can gauge all the unexpected parts of a life or death encounter; it’s YOU knowing that YOU can handle this.

At LHI, it’s YOU.

 7 days a week, multiple classrooms, full indoor training ground, what more could you want?

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